American Azteca


About Our Breeding Stock

At Morning Star Ranch, we breed primarily Aztecs. We have established a breeding stock of the best possible quality to introduce this relatively new breed. Having excellent quarter horses (QH) and pure blood Spanish horses (PRE) allows as to breed these two breeds as well.

We imported our foundational bloodline quarter horse mares from the prairies of South Dakota. They come from hundred years old family breeding stocks, such as the Open Box Rafter Ranch, and the Lone Tree Ranch. These horses were raised in the natural rigid environment of the endless prairie, where the extreme conditions and the high quality breeding knowledge passed down through generations has produced a quite exceptional herd. Besides the mares imported from the United States, our breeding stock also includes a beautiful palomino mare from Germany. Furthermore, Hungarian Senorita, a former Hungarian halter champion, completes our stock of mares.

Our pure blood Spanish (PRE, commonly known as Andalusian) mares come from the stock of Sir Alvaro Domecq, who is the founder Spanish Royal Horse Academy of Jerez. Out of this bloodline have come several European champion and Olympic medalist horses.
At Morning Star Ranch, we only breed with exceptional and highly qualified pure blood Spanish (PRE) stallions.

We follow the principles of natural horsemanship with the raising and training of our colts. During winter, we keep them in corrals, while they spend the summer months out on the pastures.

We also keep cattle at the ranch, therefore working with the cattle is natural for our horses. We have developed our training system based on the Californian buckaroo (vaquero) traditions. We believe that this training methodology represented by Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and Martin Black provides an excellent basis for successful sport horses, as well as reliable leisure horses.

The goal of our breeding program is to breed and provide basic training for high quality, elegant, leisure horses and sport horses.

Horses are beautiful creatures. We thank God for the opportunity to be working with them.